Commercial team performance survey development in 4 Brazilian cities - Abril 2018

With the study results, it was possible to identify the failures and positives issues of each sales representative in the team, avoiding unnecessary costs and optimizing the company investments.

Automec São Paulo 2017

BSM Matchmaking Event Mexico City – Oct 2017

BSM Matchmaking Event New Delhi, India – Oct 2017

BSM Matchmaking Event Ecuador – Apr 2017

BSM Matchmaking Event Chile – Apr 2017

BSM Matchmaking Event Argentina – Oct 2017

BSM Matchmaking Event New Delhi, India – Oct 2016

BSM Matchmaking Event in Automechanika Frankfurt – Oct 2016

Business Case Study - Brazil 2016

Hotmarketing conducted a study to identify investments in the assembly of a new manufacturing plant in an automotive industry with the goal of expanding its parts warehouse in the United States.

Without this study the company could not measure its investments and evaluate its profits.

BSM Matchmaking Event Lima, Peru 2015

BSM Matchmaking Event Bogotá, Colombia 2015

Automechanika Dubai 2013

Trade Mission in Autopartes Show Bogotá, Colombia 2013

Trade Mission in AAPEX Show Las Vegas, USA 2013

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Automechanika Argentina 2012

Automechanika Frankfurt 2012

BSM Matchmaking Event in Automec São Paulo 2011

Trade Mission and Market Survey in Automechanika Moscow 2011

Development and Project Management of the printed material of Automotive Repairing Shops Management - 2009

This project brought together various administrative and operational activities such as:

    • Creation, layout and closing of files of the printed material.
    • Management of advertising files for the advertising industries of the sector.
    • Management and coordination of the press advisory team for launch in São Paulo.
    • Commercialization of ads and financial management of the project with the sector association.
    • This project has generated the opportunity to bring business management information, customer service tips, marketing advice, communication and for labor cost calculations for automotive repairers entrepreneurs.