One of the most important activities that clients should consider is the previous study of information to evaluate future investments, whether for a product launch, or for a business event, or for studying the competition, or to evaluate the satisfaction level of its services and products with its current customers.

Without getting recent data for future strategy directions, companies can put their investments under high risks. For this reason, Hotmarketing always recommends its customers who do not have recent studies to do so, before committing their money to certain activities.

We work with qualitative market research and rapid raising data for strategies directions. We use methodology by telephone, email and focus group meetings, according to the project needs.

Customer satisfaction surveys are extremely relevant to meet the ISO9001 requirements, and so your board clearly has the points to be improved by the perception of the market in which your company operates.

Many companies are thinking of saturated products or services launching in the market. Hotmarketing works with competition raising data survey to identify business opportunities and business case evaluations, both for launching and / or expanding your company's investments in Brazil and / or abroad.